Saucony Women's Type A6

RRP £90.00
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Saucony Women's Type A6


This sixth version has been stripped down even further to make it lighter and more responsive than ever. This style is still as low to the ground as possible and the high specification SSL (Saucony Super-Lite) midsole give greater cushioning and improved responsiveness too. The outsole provides grip in even wet conditions, yet remains very light and the new upper utilises Saucony’s FlexFilm technology which was first implemented on track spikes, so is a minimal and an ideal shoe to wear without socks.

Drop Shoes with a 4mm heel-to-toe offset deliver a more natural ride, letting your feet and body do more work while relying less on the shoes cushioning stability features. FlexFilm A strong, lightweight material is melded to the upper, which allows for fewer layers in the shoe. The result is a seamless, flexible feel. iBR+ iBR+ is a supremely lightweight but durable outsole rubber that enhances your shoe's other cushioning elements.



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