Salomon Skin Pro 10 Set

RRP £100.00
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Salomon Skin Pro 10 Set


The one-size-fits-all Skin Pro 10 Set is a light, slim fitting pack that's versatile enough for hiking, running, or biking. Using Salomon's stretch Sensifit construction, the pack has a new strap adjustment that improves stability and lets the pack adjust to different sizes. The versatile, stable gear carrying system makes it easy to attach poles, ice axes, a helmet and pad. Whistle: Salomon trail packs are equiped with a whistle for safe trail that is easy to use even still attached to the bag not to lose it. Custom System Reinvent your bag for every trail run. Connect the accessories to your bag with the Custom' System. - ZIPPED POCKET Attaches easily to the waist belt - FRONT POCKET Slides easily onto the waist belt and connects to the light buckles hidden in the shoulders - BOTTLE AND FLASK HOLDER Inserts easily onto shoulder straps or the waist belt Helmet Loop 2 loops to fix the helmet safely on the bag. 4D Bladder Insulated Sleeve Removable blader sleeve made with insulated fabrics for quick fill-in operation Soft Trims No buckle, no straps, all the trims prevent chafing, friction for increase comfort. Under Arm Routing A logical shorter way to get water up to the mouth wih less fatigue. Fast Wicking Fabrics Improving quick drying and moisture management, these light fabrics deliver the best performance comfort and avoid odor.

Elastic Power Mesh Very stretch and breathable fabrics that adapts to body Large Twin Link Light and easy custom adjustment system eliminates pressure points on the sternum area and increases breathing comfort. Large system (strap and hook) for ease of use with gloves. Reflective Increased visibility then security. Sensifit Innovative construction using self adjustable fabrics, it conforms to the body for fit and stability, creating a bounce-free equipment while keeping comfortable breathing. Patent pending. 2 Front Soft Hydration Elastic Pockets Designed to fit 500ml soft flasks, the chest pockets maintain high stability, reduce bouncing and make quick access easy. 2 Stretch Front Pockets expandable to fit and secure any essentials you need to access quickly and easily. Adjustable Sizing Play with the two straps to adjust the size from S to L. Rocket Valve Mounted on all Salomon soft reservoir



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