Polar RCX5 Run HRM

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Running Gear
Heart Rate Monitor
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Polar RCX5 Run HRM


Polar RCX5 Run Heart Rate Monitor : for triathletes, runners, cyclists and endurance athletes who want to optimize their training.

This Run version of the monitor is different to the Bike version and standard version in that it includes the s3+ stride sensor.

Some of the features of this include the following:*Measures average stride length. Runners adjust stride length to gather speed: stride length increases as speed increases.

Yet one of the most common mistakes novice runners make is over-striding. The most efficient stride length is the natural one; the one that feels most comfortable.

* Running cadence measures how many times either your right or left foot hits the ground in one minute. Running cadence is measured as steps per minute.

With this feature you can sharpen your cadence and make your ground contact time shorter. This will help you to find a balance between leg power and leg speed.* Race Pace allows you to set a target speed/pace for a certain distance.

It then helps pacing the run or ride by showing the current speed/pace and by telling in time, how much you are behind or ahead of the set target.* Running Index is based on heart rate and speed data measured during the run. It gives daily information about your performance level, both aerobic fitness and running economy.

Improvement in running efficiency indicates improved economy of running performance.As well as these features, there are also some more generic features common with all RCX5 models.*ZoneOptimizer adjusts your heart rate zones, making every session more effective*Sport profiles guarantee swift switch between different sports*Improves performance with endurance training programs, downloadable from polarpersonaltrainer.com with the Polar DataLinkWhat's in the Box:*Polar RCX5 training computer*Polar WearLink+ Hybrid transmitter*Polar s3+ stride sensor*Polar DataLink data transfer unit*Manual

Polar RCX5 Run Heart Rate Monitor


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