Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor

RRP £154.50
Running Gear
Heart Rate Monitor
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Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor


Polar FT60 Men's Heart Rate Monitor Training Computer: The Personal Trainer on your wrist. Featuring the new improved OwnZone and STAR training tools to set goal-based training that adapts to your condition.

The  Polar FT60 HRM is the smartest way to better fitness. Now you can train as you want and reach your fitness targets with the FT60's personalised training programme.

It sets new targets by adapting to your personal training habits, helping you stay motivated and carry on improving your fitness.

The Polar FT60 HRM's adaptive training programme features weekly targets, feedback and guidance so you'll achieve your training targets more efficiently and effectively.

Optional Accessories: G1 GPS speed and distance sensor - Provides speed and distance information for outdoor sports.


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