Montrail Fluidflex FKT

RRP £85.00
Running Shoes
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Montrail Fluidflex FKT


The F.K.T. (Fastest Known Time) is for trail runners who want to feel light and go fast! FluidFoam FluidFoam™ technology is as simple as it gets. No midsole gizmos. No gels, airbags or plastic parts. Just pure, responsive foam from heel to toe. FluidGuide FluidGuide midsole technology adapts to ever-changing terrain and provides the smoothest possible foot guidance and multidirectional stability.

The perfectly blended densities in our FluidGuide midsole eliminate the hard glue lines between midsole parts, ensuring a clean transition throughout the gait cycle, creating a more cushioned, balanced and natural stride. FluidGuide stability is the equalizer that improves the ride on the uneven trails. Gryptonite Your foot’s not going anywhere you don’t want it to go. Sticky carbon rubber with multi-directional lugs delivers aggressive traction across a variety of surface conditions.



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