Garmin Vivosmart

RRP £139.99
Running Gear
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Garmin Vivosmart


Track your moves and stay connected with the Garmin Vivosmart activity tracker with heart rate monitor.
The tracker is stylish and lightweight, with a soft, flexible wristband. The vivosmart syncs with your connected Bluetooth mobile device to let you know when you receive calls, texts, calendar alerts, emails or meetings by gently vibrating.

It automatically displays the information and all you have to do is touch and swipe the screen to read more.
The vivosmart greets you with a personalised daily goal, tracks and displays your progress, keeps tabs on your general activity and displays your heart rate. It also displays the time of day, date, steps taken, countdown to your daily goal, distance travelled, and calories burned.
The battery lasts up to seven days before it needs a charge, and you can wear the band it in the shower or go for a swim with it.


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