About Running

Running.org.uk is the only running shop you'll ever need. We track and compare the prices of thousands of running shoes, clothes and accessories across all of the UK's leading running retailers, making it easy for you to find the lowest price, in stock, and save money. We also work with independent running shops to bring you deals you couldn't otherwise access online.

That's not all we do.

Running guides

We write and publish guides on many running subjects, mostly concentrating on running kit and our experiences. A lot are aimed at beginners - if you're new to running we can definitely help.

We run too!

We also love running and do a lot of it, and our blog (or journal as we like to call it) is regularly updated with stuff about what we're up to and enjoying in the world of running, and announcements about running stuff we've found that's cool or interesting. We scour lots of running websites to find the best news to share, and will point you to the best websites too.

Multi-faceted browsing

Our unique systems allow searching and browsing of our product database using many different facets including:

  • Component systems
  • Weight
  • Target market

So if you're looking for new shoes for hill running and you over-pronate and have a budget of 80 quid, we can help you! We're constantly evolving our database, adding new information and improving the user experience - if there's anything you think can be improved please contact us, we're all ears.

More prices, better deals

We believe we have the best price comparison platform in the world - where you'll find 3 or 4 prices for a pair of running shoes on the 'big' price comparison sites (you know who they are) we often have 12 or 15 prices, from all of the major UK retailers and marketplaces like eBay.

If you're a retailer and want to be listed on Running.org.uk please contact us, we'd love to hear from you.

The small print

There isn't any really. We work with Amazon (amongst many others) so need to make the statement below, but otherwise Running.org.uk is blissfully free of small print. Use the site, save money, and make more time for play.

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